Anglojęzyczna Szkoła Podstaw & Escola El Sol i la Lluna

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Our plan

1. Photo contest in each school, galery in the internet.
2. Project - Our school in numbers
3. Comparing our countries - area, currencies (exchange rate), we can calculate distance between our cities using map and scale (than check it with google maps).
4. Exchanging games and math riddles - sending postcards (real one) with christmas wishes and math riddles
5. Semestral presentations: fractions around us, in the world of numbers, history of mathematics, magic figures, geometric figures around us, geometric illusions, funny numbers (triangular, fibbonaci, square etc.), the calendar and the time, mathematics in kitchen, history of calculator, mathematics tricks
6. Cultural aspect - videoconference
7. To sum up we can make an article\leaflet nad post it on our blog.


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